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John writes a book about Nick Egan's artwork

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December 17: In the last KatyKafe John mentioned a new project with Nick Egan, not something that seems of immediate concern... the news needed more investigation anyway! John said: 'I've got a little project on the back burner with Nick Egan who designed the Wedding Album and he did the videos for Ordinary World, and White Lines, and it's kind of a, well, it's sort of in the works, but it's like a book project, we've been thinking about, it's kinda about Nick's work, it's about really the twilight of the album cover years, it's really about the death of the album cover.

I've always been a huge fan of Egan's work, he's a 360° visual artist and I just loved what he did with Duran's image, graphically and in video, over the years. I particulary enjoyed the totally new visual identity of the band that he created around the release of the Wedding Album [Ordinary World video, the album cover, the press adverts, the tourbook and all the merchandise including the cool t-shirts: just terrific and very fresh at the time]. So it was a real pleasure to drop him a line and ask some more info about the project. Nick was very nice to return a quick but informative email: below I report what he said'.

Hi Salvo, Thanks for contacting me, actually the book isn't about Duran. It's a book, written by John, about my artwork starting with The Clash and Ramones and including Bow Wow Wow, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Malcolm McLaren, Bob Dylan, INXS, Iggy Pop, Oasis and of course Duran Duran. I can't really give you anymore info than that, other than to say that John is a terrific writer. Feel free to check in with any updates of the next few months.
Best wishes.

For sure I'll do it and I'll keep you posted! Thanks again for sharing this bit of info Nick!

In the same Kafe John speaks about his talk at ucla, his musical obsessions [he did a nice analogy of mp3's to vinyl as McDonald's to a fine, local restaurant] to art, poetry and books. He also commented on the Rio reissue and said: 'Emi is warming up to do the same with the first album, the third, fourth [Arena] and fifth album'. My contact at Emi Catalogue told me that, despite all that has been posted online, the only confirmed reissue at the moment is Seven And The Ragged Tiger: release date march 12, 2010. According to my source the special edition of Duran Duran and So Red The Rose have been both postponed to april 2010, but no date has been announced yet.

In the pictures Nick Egan, Ronah Elliot Catherine Roylance [publisher and designer], John Taylor, and Catherine Roylance [Owner of Genesis Publications - Publishing industry]. The pic was taken on October 8th 2009 at Taschen in Beverly Hills for The Brian Wilson Book Signing. I guess the book will be released on Genesis Publications, it's the world's leading publisher of signed and numbered limited edition books and fine art prints on modern music, art, sports, and historical manuscripts. The b/w John Taylor portrait was taken on October 1, 2007 during a shoot in London for Rockin On magazine from Japan.

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FANTASTICO !!!! :f_simon11yrm_6b444ed.gif: :dc7kty.gif:
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